• The Company seeks to achieve superior private equity returns by investing with local knowledge and experience in the M&A market in Europe, exploiting a market niche with current low competition and incorporating the return objectives of a disciplined private equity investor.
  • Focus will be on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) with high growth and profit generation potential, where companies are reaching their next stage development – changing their organizations from founder- owned businesses into fully-structured corporate entities through:
    > providing capital for organic growth as well as for M&A expansion,
    > improvement in core operating, marketing and/or distribution process,
    > improvement in capital management and capital structure.


As part of our long-term strategy, we are exploring opportunities to acquire an interest in cryptocurrency actors such as exchanges, wallet providers and payment service providers.

We have also identified an opportunity to invest in a medium-sized bank operating in the European Union.


In order to bolster and create efficiencies, we are identifying targets in the construction business which would complement the real estate development projects in which we are involved.

Additionally, we are also looking to invest in businesses involved in upgrading the sustainability of existing buildings.


We are in the process of identifying potential targets in the IT sector. These will consist of companies involved in the creation of the next step in the field of connecting people through technology, as well as those creating greater efficiencies for business solutions.


We expect that the medical revolution of the 20th century will accelerate in the 21st century. As such, we are looking to invest in companies that provide cutting-edge technology for monitoring and delivering individual healthcare and technological solutions for healthcare providers.